I miss U to death

I cried before went to bed last night..
I remember my Dad,
It has been 5 months since he passed away..
And each day after was so hard for us..

I Miss him so much..
I Miss him to death..
Why God doesn't let me seeing my father even only in my dream....

BoGoShipDa (MIss You) - Kim Bum Soo

보고 싶다 (I Miss You)-Kim Bum Soo

아무리 기다려도 난 못가
바보 처럼 울고 있는 너에곁에
상처만 주는 나를 왜 모르고, 기다리니 떠나가란 말야
보고 싶다. 보고 싶다
이런 내가 미워질만큼...
울고 싶다
네게 무릎꿇고 모두 없던 일이 될수 있다면

미칠듯 사랑했던 기억이 추억들이 너를 찾고 있지만
더이상 사랑이란 변명에 너를 가둘수 없어....
죽을 만큼 보고 싶다...

No matter how I wait I cant go
next to you, crying
You only gave me pain and you didn't know me
Are you telling me to leave?

I miss you, I miss you
To the point where I hate myself
I want to cry..I want to kneel down
And if only everything didn't happen..
The memories where I loved you crazily..
Those memories haunt me
But i cant hide from this love any longer
I shouldn't do this
But i miss you to death

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