Pretty Shawl, Step-by-Step

I'm wearing a hijab since I was in (I think) 5th semester of my college era. It was years ago. Back in my ancient days, hijab came only with some sort limited style and mediocre fabric (I mean, using the same material-never think other material could be use as hijab). Although it came with lots of colour and patterns, but to think that I could create another style from my own shawl or veil was never crossed my mind, back then. 
So before 2010 was a stagnant era for me in term of a hijab style. Until these recent years. Some younger moslem female create lots of variant from veil, phasmina or shawl to be more sophisticated, stylist but still (trying to be) a shar'i Hijab. Subhanallah. look at these step-by-step Shawl styling. They are look pretty, (hopefully) shar'i but still stylist ^^

All pictures are taken from Moshaict FB : - Thanks.

Credit as caption - Thank you @Destryandri ^^

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