[Book Review] What I'm into, lately. [Reading "The One" by Nicky Lee]

So, beside the piles of my paperworks which I feel seriously look like a tiny mountain that will gonna stick me around for two or three months ahead, My life these couple of days been so much drowning into this one of shoujo genre manga (well, it actually Manhua since it's from Taiwan) that once got introduced by my dear friend. Yeah, as a Kpop fans we kinda put aside awhile from Kpop thingy and turn our head to the Manga Planet.

It's not the hard copy manga that usually could we get on a local book stores (I actually doubt it whether there'll be a local version of this manhua), but we read thru' some iOS application for reading manga scan called Manga Storm. If you happen to have one of the Apple gadget such as iPad/iPhone or even iPod touch , you can go to the application store and download it. it's free, unless you want to download and save more than 3 titles of manga on your gadget to be read offline later then you need to purchase the application for $3.99.

Back to my shoujo genre manga. This manga is really great with a very beautiful drawing especially for their main character and such a page turner manga for the plot and the story line. I think it more realistic and more adult than other shouju typical that usually using a high school as the back ground story.

The title is "THE ONE" - I usually never let my self drowning so deep in to some
shoujo genre... but for THE ONE, I made an exception *grin*- The story is really mature and complex. Nicky Lee - The Mangaka REALLY DID brought me so much flowery face, happy face, sad face, even lust face into my imaginary reaction during read her Manhua. The jaw dropping and uber Handsome main character are perfectly drawn by Nicky Lee (worshipping her work!) to indulged my eyes while digesting the story.

With the fashion industry as the story background, Nicky Lee has created three stunning main character that makes me really fall in love with them, especially the twins and successfully portray the life style of the fashion industry.

There was Lele Cane (Lili) a 16 years old girl our main cast that on the beginning chapters doesn't seriously thinking of becoming a super model just like both of her parent, Night Cane and Ye Fei Yi who tragically died in a flight accident. She was thinking modelling is such an artificial and glamour life, but in the end she's becoming one of a great model scouted by her own aunt Hong, her mother's sister that also a former model in Taiwan. Lele have decided to be a model since she saw Angus Lawson picture on a local magazine and really had a crush on him ever since. Angus Lawson is a famous international male model that caught Lele's attention (who doesn't? hehehe). from the sight.  Lele even put his posters on her room that makes her want to try a Fashion industry by becoming a model.

It would be nice to have a live action adaptation of the manhua 'The One' by Nicky Lee, seriously Щ(ºДºщ) !!!


Angus Lanson (21 years old) actually had a twin brother, Eros Lanson. They are half Sweden and Chinese living in New York. Angus is an International male model meanwhile his brother, Eros is a stage director for the fashion industry. Despite the fact that they are twin, the character between them are like hell versus heaven.
Angus is a playboy that never been seriously thinking of loving someone else beside his brother, while Eros is such a loner and had more mysterious character. He hates being under the spot light. Eros love wondering town alone and disguise him self as a bump. Angus has a green eyes while Eros has a silver eyes.

The characters unveil slowly and grows as I read the Manhua on and on and even take years in the story line for the characters to grows along with every conflict and twist that appears one by one in every chapter that really makes you sometime skipping your heart beat to read some specific scenes - the Twins scene mostly ^__^. Lele also changes drastically through the story without losing her essence.

Too bad that this Manhua is still on going, which is not completed yet that makes me really feel like loosing my soul waiting for the next chapter. There are 88 chapters that released so far, on manga fox or manga here. I still don't know what will going to happen to them, as the huge conflict and obstacle with the Twins brothers versus their father has been settled , I don't know what going to happen with Angus and my heart rob Eros, oh God....I'm so into this Manhua......gonna update it when the next chapter has released. 

updated 16/08/2012: They've released the 90th Chapter and I think since Chapter 89, there is a new character that really resemble of Andrej Pejic - the most famous Androgyny model from Bosnia. It's getting more and more interesting! really waiting for the next chapter like hell! 

updated 30/09/2013: Up for 105th Chapter (Vol.12) - here's the link for pc The One

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