Cain and Abel

Just like Cain and betrayed by his own brother.

the fact that blood ticker than water is so true, but somehow it no longer necessary when they meet the power of greed, one from the famous seven sins. Nothing more sad than stabbed by your own sibling. I've just found that fact, when my friend told me.

It's just so sad to heard that. I wish I would never find this kind of problem for my entire life, coz' no matter what, I think family are the most important thing in this whole universe, you can call me naive, whatsoever... but I think you're the one who doesn't have a heart if you could dare hate and make your sibling's heart broken for real (not for the prank's sake like brother and sister does).

In the other hand, when you grown up (and to be expected more mature) there are more than one thing to be consider in your grown up life. You build a new family, you have to take care of them and by the word of 'take care' is not only with love and cares but also with money, and when money become your priority, then problems appear.

The envious slowly but sure grows in your heart, when you saw you lil' sister's life is much-much better (from the financial side) than yours. You see her children got a better education and life and job then yours. Even when your children grown up, mostly they still depend on you and your money not like your sister's children..the envious grows every single day to find those facts.
And one day, you said that you really hate her, you don't wanna help her anymore, and you want her to be gone forever from your life. Then you become a back stabber for your sister with your words..coz' finally your sister hear it too. So sad.

I don't wanna be like that person. I love my Family, my Mom, my Dad (rest in Peace, dad!), my one and only brother, and my lovely sisters. They are my precious in this world..and nothing could ever change it.....hopefully. 

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